Chiropractic care:

Includes diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, thereby contributing to your overall health and well being. This is accomplished through adjustments and/or joint mobilization. A specific, gentle force is applied to an area of dysfunction to help restore proper alignment, relieve pressure and allow the body to heal itself. When the spine is misaligned, also known as subluxations, unnecessary pressure is placed upon the nervous system decreasing motion and function. This in turn leads to pain and the inability of the nervous system to operate at its optimal level. Therefore, it only makes sense that it is essential to have your spine in proper alignment in order for your nervous system to function optimally, have full range of motion and for you to be as healthy and pain free as possible.

Nutritional Counseling:

Nutrition is a critical part of a healthy life. Nutritional counseling Includes assessment of diet, exercise, chronic conditions and various health concerns. The state of our environment and fast-paced lives leaves many depleted in essential vitamins and minerals. We have been conditioned to respond to these deficiencies only when symptoms of dis-ease become present. With the help of nutritional counseling basic health needs are met through individualized plans to promote a high quality of life. Benefits of nutritional counseling include but are not limited to: weight loss, increase in energy, better quality sleep, decreased symptoms of chronic conditions, more stable moods, stronger immune system, longer life potential.  You deserve to be happy, strong and vibrant everyday.

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